Sunday, January 10, 2010

To You, From Me!

What are you cooking up in 2010?
Here's your chance to change up your coulda/woulda/shouldas from 2009 into gonnas in 2010!

Share your resolutions for relevations with me this week and I will draw [ever so randomly] a winner from the cooks in my kitschen to receive a copy [hardcover, even] of Better Homes & Garden's Lunches and Brunches.

This. Could. Be. You!

You have until Wednesday night at 10pm cst to post your goals a go-go - I can't wait to hear what you've got up your sleeve in the new year!

Need a minute? Okay. I'll go first.

My New To-Do Menu:
  • climb the walls [papering margie's room & painting a bit in the kitchen]
  • plant more pretties [knock-out roses all-around]
  • play the days away [with the kids - and t]
  • get kitschen feast a go-goin' [i have a few lofty goals up my sleeve]
  • throw more dinner parties [first to-do? valentine's!]
  • spin a yarn [baby steps knitting on a loom: flowers!]
  • smile waaaay more [laugh, too]
  • extra, extra qt with my fantastic husband t [weekend away!]
  • do disney [land]
  • go local [farmer's market or bust]
  • another tattoo [so far i have 2]
Your turn...


  1. Blog more.
    Paint bedroom ceiling.
    Redo the back garden.
    Take a trip anywhere.
    Cook at home more.
    Continue enjoying Kitschen Feast!

  2. I better not say what my resolutions are, I might jinx them. I'll get back to you 1/1/11 and let you know if I was successful.

  3. Oh, man... I post 2 or three posts of resolutions! LOL... I think you must have had enough of hearing about them but I have to find that maraschino stuff. That is one thing I didn't post on my blog! And I must have saved it for here :)


  4. my trailer and get my show on the road. Bake a decent loaf of bread. See my friends more often (ahem). Read (lots) more.

  5. My goal for the year is to bake my own breads instead of buying the store brands. So far, so good, thanks to Artisan Bread in Five Minutes. Now, if I can just talk Nan into giving up her Cheezits addiction....