Monday, January 18, 2010

Tag?! Here's "it"

My like-minded va-va-va-vintage friend Stan [aka the Elegant Thrifter - familiar? You oughta be!] tagged me in a game of pic post. And I immediately went scrambling for this pic of me with one of my favorite bday cakes. Ever.

[circa, well, none of your damn business]

My mom has always had a zest for baked-from-scratch cakes. And I'm pretty sure that even at the tender age of 21, she handcrafted this charming [albeit a bit kitschy - all the more reason to love it] panda cake for my 3rd birthday. It's so absolutely adorable that I look a little afraid because 1]we'll have to light him on fire; 2]we'll have to [no mommy, no] slice him; and 3]worse yet, eat him!

But most likely, considering my fondness for frosting and the gift-unwrapping at hand post-panda, that sunny day in the 70s - I'm pretty sure I pulled it together and ate my way through a paw or two.

Now I'm turning the tag tables on a few bloggity friends - please come forward with a favorite pic as your name is called, because you. are. it.

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Rachel at Rachie's Place

I can't wait to see a snap!shot of your life that hasn't been posted before!


  1. Wow, thanks for including me! Am I supposed to post it here or on my blog? I'm so confused!!

  2. your blog. then you get to harass other blog-like-minded friends into it... :)

  3. Okay, check it out!
    (PS: You're one of my favorite blogs, but I didn't name you so we wouldn't round robin this thing!!)

  4. ok, now i have to go digging for something truly awesome (translation=bad). i know i had a caterpillar birthday cake made from twinkies and ding dongs...will search and post this weekend!

  5. Wow, Margie looks so much like you at that age and your hair is blonde. My godmother used to make me cakes when I was little...Strawberry Shortcake, Ziggy, Holly Hobby. Awww, the good ol days. Traci