Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Cupful of Funk

I just knew Betty Crocker's 2-cents would come through for me. Her 'How to have the most fun with cake mixes' guide is a bible of cake-mix bliss. Rachel. These funky cupcakes are for you!Top Hats:
Bake cupcakes [see package - thx, Betty, you're right - you can never be too careful when directing a housewife]. When cool, cut cones from tops. Fill with packaged vanilla pudding [or gaggy strawberry-banana if your daughter insists on it in the pudding aisle at the grocery], replace tops, dust with confectioner's sugar [shit - forgot that part...]

These are silly. And so edible [as opposed to the aspic, eh?]. And, with the addition of creamy pudding, a dapper dessert. Betty was right. I did have the most fun with my cake mix today.

So did Ben.Nothing is finer than an excuse to indulge in a fluffy cupcake in the afternoon - especially a sunny afternoon [thanks mother nature, I'll quit calling you names under my breath in exchange for more sunny January days like this, it does wonders for my attitude, and my kitschen feast photos]!

So go on, drop a couple of dollars and dollop up these dandies for dessert!


  1. 1. See package. Package of what? It says "bake cupcakes". Silly directions!

    While I agree with you that strawberry-banana pudding sounds awful, those cupcakes are darned cute!

  2. Awesome Top Hats - was just thinking "what the hell am I going to do with all this pudding"...apparently when grandma visits she feels there is a pudding shortage at the Toms' house - the kids will love making these!...wondering about Pumpkin Spice Pudding though...not sure how one of my favorite flavors works as a pudding or what flavor cake to use?

  3. i LOVE these! they are awesome. thank you!