Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cocoa Kitsch

I love hot cocoa.
And the Jetsons.[this is my mug from '92 - it was a hard-earned freebie - cutting out those carnation upcs really wears on a high school girl. doesn't it look like, the most, resting in the snowdrift on our deck?]

George Jetson, his boy Elroy, daughter Judy, Jane his wife [plus '[r]Astro & Rosie] are the epitome of retro a go-go! Born of the 60s to explore the groovy space age [shouldn't we be there by now?], you can't help but dig them. I think Ben & Marge & I will spend a little time with the fam [and the cocoa] this afternoon.

Eep! Opp! Ork! Ah-Ah! [That means I love this mug...]


  1. I had to laugh - I can't say Elroy without saying "his boy" in front of it. The power of theme songs...

  2. Very cool mug!

    I'm sure cocoa tastes better in it!

  3. the best part is that i'm pretty sure it was never that cold in space...

  4. I love the jestons. I just love them and I am still waiting to live in that house.. that self-cleaning house which begs the question - why did they need Rosie? But whatever....

  5. adorable mug! i remember having stuff like that as a kid and thinking it was "silly". clearly, i was the "silly" one.